City boy meets country girl. Katee was born and raised on a country road in Columbia County and Steve grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

After 35 years of working hard in the city, Steveâ??s parents who were born and raised in the mid-west finally decided to get back to their country roots. They fell in love with the land in Columbia County and ended up buying a beautiful piece of property, which happened to be right next door to where Katee grew up.

Over the next years as Steveâ??s parents planned and built their house, he started finding himself on their land more and more to the point where he was coming up every chance he got. Early on, Steve met Kateeâ??s parents and brother, all while never knowing that she even existed. Finally a day came when Katee got the chance to meet Steveâ??s parents, and it was then that he first learned there was a fourth member to the neighbors across the street. The first words from Steveâ??s Dad that day were, â??you should really meet this Katee girl, I think youâ??d really like herâ??. The seed was planted. Little did Steve know that across the street, her Mom too, had planted a seed, saying something along the lines of, â??you really need to meet that Scoblic boy.â??


How involved was Steve in the planning of the day?

When it came to our wedding day, Steve and I both had the same vision in mind. Which made the planning process a heck of a lot easier, and fun! He wasn’t shy about offering his input, which I loved. Because now, looking back on our wedding day, I see bits and pieces of us both scattered throughout the day. From writing our own vows, to choosing our photographer, and deciding on the food choices, we created a unique day that truly represented the both of us â?? together. 

How did you approach the design of the day/experience?

 The only thing I knew right from the start was that I wanted to get married outside. Iâ??ve always had a strong love and connection to nature, as does Steve. And when we became engaged, we knew that we wanted to create a wedding that was personal, sacred, and intimate, and we wanted to make sure our guests felt special and included. After all, these people are our world. To be honest, I was never really a girl who dreamt about her wedding day. Which in my case, allowed things to happen a little more organically. Weâ??re a city boy meets country girl love story, so it was important to us to have a wedding that truly represented the both of us, and our two worlds coming together. Little by little, our vision slowly began to take shape, in what I liked to describe as rustic simplicity meets classy city chic. My nighttime ritual was diving into the blackhole of wedding blogs and pinning away on Pinterest. 

Looking back, would you have done anything differently? 

The one thing that I would have done differntly was simply walk down the aisle s-l-o-w-e-r. Seriously! Ladies, donâ??t rush that moment. Take your sweet time, be present, live in that moment, soak it up! I had my Dad on one arm, and my Mom on the other and once I heard the words, â??but no oneâ??s…ever gonna love you more than I do…â?? from the Band of Horses playing through the speakers, there was no slowing my pace. I just remember booking it down that aisle. I think it was a mix of me just being excited to just get down to Steve, and also feeling a little awkward, since Iâ??ve never been much for being in the spotlight. I vaguely remember my Dad at one point, saying, â??Katee, slow downâ??, with a smile and laugh. I wish I had listened. 

Talk a little about your bridal shop and how your experience shopping for your dress shaped your business plan.

Opening a shop like True North has been a longtime dream. I always envisioned a space that was intimate, inspiring, and fun! A place that felt like you were hanging out in your best friends living room; laid-back with that unspoken welcoming warmth. When I began the search for my own wedding dress, it became evident really quickly that this vision in my head did not exist. Not only that, but it was difficult to find a unique curated collection of handmade and independently designed wedding dresses and accessories. After chatting with numerous brides who experienced similar frustrations, I was on a mission. A mission to be a source for a fresh approach to wedding dress shopping and a destination for creative brides who are looking for something a little less traditional, and more of that indie, romantic, boho-chic style.


Down-the-aisle song | Band of Horses â??No Oneâ??s Gonna Love Youâ?

Recessional | Mumford and Sons â??She Said Yesâ?

First Dance | Stoney LaRue â??Feet Donâ??t Touch the Groundâ?

Photographer | Casey Connell Photography

Location | Oak Hill

Florist | By Emily B.

Bridal Gown | Alvina Valenta

MUA | Stacey Bean of Kylie & Company

ENTERTAINMENT | Patrick Bergeron of Metro Music

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Aray Montalvan-Till is a jill-of-all-trades when it comes to creativity. She joined the NYC advertising industry while getting her education at Pratt Institute. She returned to the area where she worked as the Art Director and Social Media Specialist at one of the best known entertainment venues. Every position she has worked at, whether it was as a copywriter for award winning hispanic pharma campaign. art director of the 2010 U.S. Census. communication specialist for a local downtown BID or campaign manager for a politician has served as a stepping stone to the launch of Save the Date in the 518 Magazine.

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