Your bridal boudoir, or any boudoir for that matter, can and should be a creative representation of who you are. With each issue of our magazine, we will be highlighting different boudoir photographers in our region while using the same model and featuring various stylistic approaches.

When champagne bubbles tickle your nose, the way your clothing feels against your skin, slowly tasting a beautifully prepared meal, the smell of a sweet breeze on a warm summer day; all these sensations are easy for a distracted mind to pass by. The very word â??sensualityâ?? is derived from the Late Latin word sensualitas, which means â??capacity for sensationâ?*. To the woman that is willing to pause for a moment and truly experience what is taking place before her, to take a real and genuine pleasure in everything she does, that is the true meaning of sensuality. The mainstream acceptance and even celebration a womanâ??s sensuality has been long overdue; and the growing trend of boudoir photography is one of the places we see these revelations triumph.

The very concept of womanhood is so often distorted and dictated to us by male counterparts, that the notion of sensuality has been synonymously linked with sexuality, or being part of a male fantasy. Sensuality in a woman is still often portrayed as a dangerous thing for women to fear in themselves, but it is considered sexy because it is a woman in tune with what pleases her. Sensuality is an art and a lifestyle. It is a conscious decision to live your life (or your day off) in tune with your senses, and choosing to take pleasure in them. Sip your coffee or tea slowly, close your eyes feel the warmth it brings into your body, open your eyes and look out your window. Take pleasure in that moment. That is sensuality.

â??Being sexy is not about what men want, or how young you are or how your body looks or how much money you have. Itâ??s a certain inner confidence, a comfort level. When youâ??ve learned some about yourself and what makes you happy.â?

Dita Von Teese, International Burlesque Star

Leading a sensual life does not come to a person immediately, it has to be practiced and built upon experiences. Of course not every moment can be lived sensuously, most of us lead realistic lives that tend to include less-than-glamorous chores; you need to recognize and take advantage of every possible opportunity. Purchase some lingerie for yourself, something that makes you feel your best. Even if no one else sees it youâ??ll know you look fabulous. Thatâ??s an excellent first step in the art of sensuality.

In the context of boudoir photography, even though the intention of a photography session may be a gift to your partner, the emotional focal point should remain the same. A woman showcasing her love of life, her love of senses, and her love of self. Genuine sensuality presents itself when a woman feels confident and in tune with her own body and the elements around her. The soft music playing in the background, the way silk and satin feel on the body, the way your hair cascades around your shoulders, take pleasure in it all. Revel in your senses. That is what translates through photography, and in the end, brings pleasure to those that view your beautiful images.



Photographer | Katherine Wright of YTK Photography

Hair | Julie Potter Master Stylist

Location | Ten Broeck Mansion

MUA + Model | Aly Rose

Written by |  Aly Rose

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