Tell us about your love story? 

The first time Jen thought she could love and spend the rest of her life with this person (any personâ?¦ever) was on a hike with Kel and her dog at the time, Wrigley. With that, she wanted to capture that feeling with the love that they both have for going on hikes with their dog together. They live very close to the Appalachian Trail and there is a particular spot that is covered in rhododendron canopies. It is absolutely breathtaking to hike through when it is in bloom.

Jen waited until prime blooming and hiked it a few days prior to find the perfect spot. Then wthey went on the hike a few days later and at the spot she pretended to take a water break. When she turned around she had the ring in her hand and instead of going on one need, she was so nervous, she sort of squatted down like an elevator. She recalls saying some words from the heart and asked Kel and instead of saying anything she lowered herself and gave me one of the best kisses of my life.

They had planned to have a picnic at a nearby lake/beach afterwards so they had packed the cooler. To Kelâ??s surprise, Jenn had buried a bottle of champagne in the cooler. After the proposal, Jen told Kel about the champagne, hiked back to the car, shared champagne, called their families (who knew it was happening) and after many smiles, kisses, and tears, they went back and did the entire hike with huge smiles.

Kelli believes that every bride should have a story for how they were proposed to by their spouse. With two brides to be in a wedding, this presented a dilemma. She waited for their first dance at the wedding when all eyes would be on them. The song for the first dance is about a couple who is in love, and he proposes to his wife to be during the song. As they were dancing, Kel grabbed the microphone from the DJ, and started to tell everybody about Jennâ??s proposal to her. She had planned this in advance with Bernie, their DJ, the only question was if she would be brave enough to do it in front of everyone. She shared that Jenn had given her a romantic proposal and that she wanted to do the same. The song at this point is still playing low in the background. Kel then proceeded to sing along with the song, and it soon arrives at the proposal. At that point, she got down on her knees and sang â??will you marry me?â?

The rest is history.

How involved were you both in the planning of your wedding?

We were both very involved. One of us would come up with an idea and share that with the other. Then, we would go from there. It was a very fun and enjoyable time to get excited about the vision that we had slowly putting together. 

How did you approach the design of the day/experience?

Kristin Parker, the wedding planner at the Whiteface Club and Resort, was an amazing help here. We didnâ??t know exactly how we wanted it to be structured, but we knew that we wanted it to be somewhat traditional in format, but still completely true to us. 

We brainstormed with Kristin, who to her credit, came up with some great thoughts on how we should line-up. Kel and I both wanted to walk, but I wanted to walk first. Watching weddings in the past, Iâ??ve always loved watching the first partner standing in the front watching their bride walk down the aisle towards them. I really wanted that experience. Kristin was able to accommodate that wish as well as some other firsts for this veteran wedding planner that did an unbelievable job planning and creating her first same-sex couple marriage. Kristin and her staff the entire time treated us with the utmost respect and our process from the first moment we were introduced to her until the next day after our wedding extremely special. The Whiteface Club and Resort are truly lucky to have a gem like Kristin working for them and their establishment. We saw online that their wedding location was rated #1 in the country. The location is beyond breathtaking, so it makes sense to imagine that a wedding there would be great. But, Kristin and crew were awesome with making this so speciail. My partner Jen and I were so thankful to be treated with so much respect. 

As our guests made their way to the cocktail reception after the ceremony, Kristin suggested we should greet everyone with wine as they made their way toward the appetizer station and the bar. This really helped decrease the initial rush to the bar that is always such a high demand right after the ceremony. Before our wedding, we had seen a picture of a canoe filled with ice and beer. It may have been an uncommon request, but Kristin knew it was important to us, and had the canoe and beer flowing during our cocktail hour. Kristin and her entire staff went above and beyond.

Looking back, would you have done anything differently? 

We both wish we had more quality time on the actual wedding day to spend with all of our friends and family but we were so thrilled that everyone was able to celebrate our love together in such a special place. 



Down-the-aisle song | Beyonce “Ave Maria” + Train “Marry Me”

Recessional |  Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat “Lucky”

First Dance | Jaheim featuring Terry Dexter “Remarkable”

Photographer | Jeff Foley Photography

Location | Whiteface Club & Resort

Florist | Lake Placid Flower & Gift Co.

Bridal Gown | Alfred Angelo

MUA | River Rock Salon + Whiteface Lodge

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