If you have a wedding that you have been a part of (and are now a newlywed) or that youâ??ve shot as a photographer, please consider submitting your Real Wedding for Save the Date in the 518 magazine. Wedding must have taken place within the 518 area code.

There are many amazingly talented photographers and industry professionals that work extremely hard to capture their bride and groomâ??s special day and we want to show the world what the region has to offer.

You may submit 15-20 photos from the SAME EVENT with the SAME GROOMS or BRIDES. They must be 8.5 x 11â?, 300dpi, CMYK, and either uploaded via Dropbox or via a zip file that you send me the link toâ??electronic download is key, with such a fast turnaround. Send or specify aray@savethedateinthe518.com as the recipient. Send a follow-up email to aray@savethedateinthe518.com to inform that the project is online and to receive a release form for you to sign.

Make sure the pictures run the gamut for documenting the event; include the brides or grooms, the venue, the food, the decor and flowers, the invitations, the cakeâ??anything thatâ??ll help our readers picture themselves having a similar affair. We want them to see themselves in our pages.

Save the Date in the 518 requires exclusivity with the photos for first time publicationâ??if they have been published elsewhere (your website and Facebook are fineâ??we mean in any other publications), we will pass on them. We do not require exclusivity after publication, though. Theyâ??re your photos; make sure theyâ??re seen by as many people as possible.

IMPORTANT: Please rename all of your photos with the Name of the Brides or Grooms, Your Name, and a Number between 01 and 12, depending on how many you submit. Example: ChuckBob_YourName_01, ChuckBob_YourName_02, ChuckBob_YourName_03…

Please be aware that submission of images does NOT guarantee being PUBLISHED in our quarterly publication. If and when your submission is selected, we will reach out to you to let you know so.